What is REIKI ?


REIKI is a Japanese word and means Universal Life Energy or spiritually guided Life Force Energy. REI represents the Supreme Being and KI (also known as Chi in China) the life force or energy existing in all creation. A Japanese monk, Dr. Usui, gave the name "Reiki" to this two and a half thousand year old healing modality late in the last century after he rediscovered it in a mystic experience on a mountaintop in Japan.


A simple non invasive hands-on technique, easily learned and available to anyone of any age or cultural background, Reiki differs from massage in that practitioners simply place their hands on the fully clothed body of the recipient and allow the energy to flow through their palms.


The receiver of Reiki often experiences this energy flow as a warm or tingling feeling that is very soothing and relaxing as well as energising. In addition to feeling relaxed some people receive insights that help them gain a new perspective on their life. When Reiki healing is given, areas that are depleted, disrupted or damaged are filled with positive vibrations and can be gradually restored to their original state of health and wellbeing.


Reiki is not a religion. However, as Reiki connects us to the Divine Energy, spiritual experiences are also possible and serve to help us progress on our lifepath.

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