Reiki Benefits

What are the benefits of REIKI ?


Reiki may help a variety of illnesses ranging from burns, bruises, cuts, bleeding, the common cold, headaches, back pain, sciatica, high blood pressure, arthritis, and chronic fatigues syndrome, to the more serious life threatening illnesses such as cancer and immune system diseases.

Reiki supports other forms of medical treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment and may reduce their side effects.

Reiki may help with drug and alcohol addictions as well as the mental and emotional component also involved.

Reiki may help release blocks and muscle tension.

Reiki may help cope with depression, anxiety, fears, and stress.

Reiki may serve as a form of pain management.

Reiki may help you fulfill your wishes. For example, you may find the house you want, a new job, or a new relationship.

Reiki supports the development of self awareness and the taking on of responsibility for one's life and actions.




Doing Reiki was a great experience it helped me understand my life plan to help myself and others achieve the greatest gift of self healing the mind, body and spirit.

wonderful teachers with great knowledge and skill.

Annemarie McDonell

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