How can I learn REIKI ?


As a general rule Reiki cannot be learned from simply reading a book.

An oral tradition, Reiki is passed on in an Attunement process by a Reiki Master.


Dr. Usui gave the first Reiki Attunement to a number of his students in Japan. One of them was Dr. Hyashi, whom Dr. Usui made his successor and who in turn gave the Attunements to an Hawaiian Japanese lady named Mrs Takata, making her a Reiki Master and his successor.


Mrs Takata then initiated many students in the West and made 22 Reiki Masters.

These Reiki Masters passed Reiki on to hundreds all over the world, making many more Reiki Masters, capable of passing on Reiki through the Attunement process.


In order to receive the gift of Reiki healing you attend a Course given by a certified Reiki Master who will attune you to the Reiki energy enabling you to practise Reiki healing on yourself and others.


During the Attunement process energy centres in the body are opened. The energy can then flow in a spontaneous way through your hands to yourself and others. As this is not a transmission of personal energy Reiki practitioners themselves receive energy from the Divine Source and are not robbed of their own personal energy.

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